A mask that translates and another that allows you to read lips

Masks continue to surprise us as different companies use technology of all kinds to integrate extra functions.

There are masks with huge breathing systems, with capsules that cover the entire face, with all kinds of materials … but today we are going to talk about two that have caught our attention, the one that translates languages ​​and the one that allows lip reading.

A mask that allows you to read lips

It is a project of five students led by Miguel Huerta Gutirrez, professor at the Department of Habitat and Urban Development (DHDU) at ITESO (Mexico).

The mask could be produced in Mexico, and it will be inexpensive. It could be an N95, N96 or N97, and the material used is transparent, which allows us to see people’s mouths and thus read their lips.

They want production to be local, so they don’t have to import material from China or the United States, and that way the price could be half that of the N95s on the market.

In the same project they are thinking of including disinfection with UV rays, as they comment on, where they comment on the project in detail.

The mask that translates languages

The second mask of the day translates languages, amplifies the voice and controls the mobile to make and receive calls.

It is the C-Mask, from Donut Robotics, and it has a Bluetooth connection to connect to smartphones. The telephones are the brain of the system, the ones that will process the data, translate it and use the speaker of the mask to emit the sound.

C-Mask has the ability to translate up to eight different languages, and we recently posted a video of how it works. You can see it in this link.

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