A mobile-controlled temporary tattoo printer

Tattoos are for many people an attractive way to decorate the skin. In addition to their aesthetic function, they also represent a sign of empowerment on the body of the person who possesses it.

Tattooing through the traditional way is a compromising decision, since it is generally a step without turning back. To eliminate this restriction, there are alternatives that allow temporary illustrations to be made on the skin. We will review one of these alternatives below.

It is Prinker, a gadget manufactured by a Korean company of the same name, that prints temporary tattoos that is controlled from the mobile and that is operated quite easily: just open the app, choose a design from the official gallery or load one own, to finally place the printer on the skin, which receives the orders from the mobile via bluetooth.

This printer is available in two variants: Prinker S, which is compatible with iOS and Android and only prints in black and white; and Prinker Pro, which prints in color, but is only compatible with Android.

The inks that this gadget works with are installed using cartridges, similar to traditional office printers. The refills have the capacity to print up to a thousand tattoos and are manufactured based on ingredients that do not come from animals, nor that have been tested on them.

Prinker’s tattoo collection has more than 5000 designs in its official gallery, which can be reviewed from its app. Additionally, through its web service, its users can also shape their own creations, which can later be accessed through the same mobile application.

Unlike traditional permanent tattoo systems, such as the common practice of using henna ink, an injection system is used that does not penetrate the deep layers of the skin, making the tattoos removable. To further guarantee its durability and resistance to water, the manufacturer recommends the use of an aerosol to coat it.

Another point in favor of these inks is that, unlike other temporary tattoo systems, they do not contain toxic chemicals or adhesive materials. As indicated on its website, these materials have been duly tested and adjusted to the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the cosmetic regulations of the European Union.

The maximum size that this tattoo printer supports is 2.2 x 99 cm. However, with some creativity and care, larger tattoos can be created by composing several consecutive impressions.

The operating system of this printer allows it to be used on skin without waxing, so that the designs can be applied on the face, legs or arms without resorting to a razor, but always maintaining the respective care.

Prinker can also be used on other surfaces, such as fabric or paper. However, the durability of your print is not guaranteed, given the nature of the ink used.

Among the possible uses for this gadget are the test of tattoos before opting for a definitive alternative, the printing of designs on the skin of children and even, to facilitate the positioning of a brand in events or to replace the use of stamps on the body at access control points.

The Prinker S, with a load of black ink, is priced at $ 269; The Prinker Pro, with a charge of colored ink, costs $ 399 and refills are available for prices starting at $ 99.

An interesting alternative, which allows you to experiment with tattoos with great creative freedom and without the risks involved in opting for its classic counterpart of needles and permanent ink.

You can find more information about Prinker on their website.

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