A mobile virus that spreads like the coronavirus

Without a doubt, the Coronavirus completely changed the rhythm of life in large cities, mainly impacting our daily routine and motivating the development of strategies that would help to fully understand the behavior of this disease.

One of them was recently released by a group of researchers who carried out a new type of virtual virus, which they endowed with a mode of spread that replicates that of the person responsible for the Covid-19 disease.

In this sense, the virus is transmitted between smartphones when they are close to each other using Bluetooth. Its development has been the result of a joint effort between the United States’ MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the Universities of Melbourne and Queensland in Australia, all with the purpose of studying in depth how Covid-19 spreads. .

In regards to its behavior, the virus was built to act in the same way as Covid-19 in terms of incubation and propagation. Once the device has been infected with this virtual virus, it only requires being close to another for a limited time to pass the virus through Bluetooth.

According to the researchers, by analyzing the behavior of this virtual virus it is possible to obtain a better understanding of the way in which Covid-19 spreads, also taking into account other variables and showing, in turn, the effectiveness of distancing as a measure to prevent the spread of this disease.

To more precisely measure the infection status of the devices, the researchers created an Android application, which also shows the infections in real time as they occur.

In this way, the researchers in charge of the study hope that their initiative will be useful to determine in a better way the level of contagion of this type of virus and thus offer governments and health organizations in charge an alternative with which to effectively counteract its spread.

You can get more information about the study by visiting the source in English HERE

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