A month trying Sworkit is it worth it to get in shape?

There are many applications on Android and iOS that help us exercise, but each person is different, and having personalized exercises is not an easy task with apps made for crowds.

A month ago I decided to do a test with one of the most famous: Sworkit, an app that works under subscription, and with which it is possible to create personalized exercise routines investing 15 minutes a day. Talk about her recently on IGTV:

The result after 1 month has been satisfactory: I am much more flexible, I have lost about 4 kg and gained muscle mass, although I am still significantly overweight (I weigh 93 kg and I measure 1.74 m), so there is still a lot of work to do. (I have eliminated sugar from my diet, by the way).

I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of the app, starting with the only cons worth mentioning:

– Although we can define the type of routine desired, it still does not take into account the entire type of public. I chose the absolute beginner mode for 6 weeks, and the 15 minutes on the first day were easy, I managed to do all the movements without problems. In the second batch (second day of the first week) impossible movements appeared for someone of my physical condition (lifting the whole body with one hand is something unfeasible for those who are overweight and do not exercise regularly). The solution is to repeat the first batch for several days and ignore those that cannot be done (trying your best to do so, of course), although it is always possible to eliminate a movement from a batch by customizing the routine.

It could be improved a lot if they do a more thorough initial test to make the exercises more realistic, since seeing a muscular guy stand up with one hand on the second day, and ask you to do the same, is not very motivating.

The pros are more numerous:

– Available in several languages. – Compatible with large screens in case we want to move it to the TV in landscape mode. – Very customizable and with a great variety of routines and movements. – Free trial option. – Exercise mode for children. – Possibility to alter the order of the exercises of a day, as well as the dedication time. – Integrated music in case we wish.

In summary: highly recommended, but you have to be very clear about what you want and not abandon at the first change, because it is very easy to end up throwing in the towel if you see that you cannot even reach your knee when you can touch your fingers. feet (something that, by the way, I’m already about to get).

You can find it at

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