A new platform for creating modern and fast websites

Adapted to mobiles, fast anywhere in the world, with large letters, with clear information, without much text, with stories … making a website today requires having a series of knowledge and techniques that did not exist a few years ago, and platforms website builders know this.

Now a new protagonist appears in the sector, from the Wix group: editorX.

It is the project of a group of people who have been working on UX and web for a long time. Gali Erez, Product Manager, recently commented:

Many tools out there only do half the job or are a total headache to master. We have developed a platform that combines all the advanced design tools you need with intuitive drag and drop solutions, integrated business solutions, and powerful web hosting.

For all developers and code lovers, you can also add your own custom code and connect to APIs to build complex web applications.

It is a tool still in beta state, with many functions in the oven. They aim to offer all professional creators the best web design solution, and for this they bet on flexibility, since they want web design professionals to use editorx. In that it differs from the classic Wix editor, where anyone can drag and drop elements to make webs like puzzles.

At we have access to the new editor, and it must be recognized that it is much more flexible than I expected. Let’s hope they manage to evolve and establish a business model that really makes a difference, both in quality and price, compared to existing solutions.

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