A player that also acts as an amplifier for the mobile

A player that also acts as an amplifier for the mobile

This portable music player that also acts as an amplifier for the mobile. Onkyo’s all-in-one.

There are more and more music lovers in high quality and Onkyo You want your 3 in 1 device to be the one you fall in love with. The device presented by the company it’s not just a portable music player.

It also serves as headphone amplifier and integrates a DAC conversion system (from digital to analog)for devices Android,iOS or our laptop or desktop computer.

The device DAC-HA300It has an OLED technology display and navigation controls. It has a 7-hour battery life andhas the ability to support up to 128GB music through a card micro SD.

When this device is connected to a smartphone with the help of your application available for iOS and Android, we can choose from where we will manage the music, if from theDAC-HA300 or from our mobile phone.

Mobile amplifier at a certain price

With this amplifier for the mobile we can enjoy music as God commands. High quality in our ears although with several important points to highlight. For example, that it is capable of reproducing at 192 kHz / 24-bit quality, and that used with your app it is capable of reproducing PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) files, usually in wav containers for the most reliable quality.

Speaking of the app, by itself it is already interesting, since it allows greater control over our music thanks to the integrated equalizer and achieves the best possible quality thanks to various profiles depending on the medium in which we are listening to the music (such as headphones). headband or in-ear). It is available for Android and iOS.

The DAC-HA300 is available at your official storel for a price of 740 dollars approximately. It seems that everything that brings quality improvements has to be expensive but we can find alternatives in the market like the FiiO X5 for 377 euros on Amazon or from the same house and the FiiO E17-BK for 255 euros.

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