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When applying for a remote job, sometimes it is difficult to know some details regarding the work environment that is actually offered and particularly, regarding respect for diversity.

In order to group and filter job offers based on their inclusive practices, Equal Opportunity Work, a job bank that places special emphasis on this issue, emerged.

The pandemic brought a significant boost to telecommuting. While the demand for jobs that by their nature can be carried out remotely increased, others reinvented themselves in the face of the new conditions defined by the current world context.

Although we presume to be a modern and evolved society, in the world of work, as in many other facets of life in society, there are still cases of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender ideology, political thought and religion, among other reasons.

Equal Oppotunity Work is a job board that promotes inclusion by highlighting serious job offers that celebrate diversity in its broadest sense, offering opportunities under equal conditions.

In keeping with the concept of inclusion, which is one of the banners of this platform, all published job offers are compatible with the remote work modality. Thus, neither geographic location is a restriction to apply.

The project behind this initiative dates from 2019. After its creation is Tanya Yakovleva, a developer who in this portal materialized her idea of ​​creating a job site that offers offers that defend equal opportunities and the diversity of the members of her team. work, something increasingly common according to what you review based on your own findings.

In the words of the creator of Equal Opportunity Work, differences make us better. Diversity and inclusion in a work team provides a greater breadth of points of view and knowledge, a condition that allows projecting the activity of a company to a broader vision.

Through this platform, hundreds of job offers can be reviewed that motivate applicants to cheer up without fear of trying their luck solely on the basis of their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Some job offers listed on the portal

At the time of publishing this note, there are more than 700 job offers published. Those who want to stay tuned for new publications, can subscribe to the newsletter of this service via email, to receive a report every day.

The job offers that are currently highlighted in its catalog are mainly in the technological field, mostly in the areas of development, programming, engineering, marketing, sales, design, customer service and others related to the field. Most of them are in English, so mastery of this language is assumed as a requirement, unless otherwise stated in an offer.

Currently, ads are added by internal curator only. However, it is already announced on the site that a form will soon be enabled for companies to directly publish their announcements of available vacancies, as long as they conform to the spirit of the site.

If you want to review the job offers posted or learn more about this project, you can check the EqualOpportunity.Work site.

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