A ring for contactless payments

The contactless payment system has expanded the amount of media that can be used thanks to this technology. We have seen the consolidation of chip cards contactless and the emergence of alternatives that allow us to use the mobile as a replacement for the traditional plastic.

The present alternative is somewhat different. It is a ring that allows you to make payments only by using your hand. In this way, the need to dig in pockets and wallets to find bank cards or the same mobile at the time of payment is reduced.

It is about McLear Ring, a ring that is configured through an app, connecting it with a bank account or card. In this way, you can use this gadget to make face-to-face payments by placing your hand on any contactless payment terminal around the world.

The mobile application, called RingPay, is available for iOS since version 11.0 and for Android since version 7. In addition to managing the ring payment settings, it allows you to lock or unlock the device, something useful as an extra safeguard or in the event of a loss. . It also allows you to track each of the transactions authorized through the gadget.

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Posted by McLEAR on Friday, May 24, 2019

Unlike other alternatives that have become more popular in recent times, such as the use of a watch or smart phone to replace the cards, this ring has an important advantage: it does not use a battery and therefore does not require charging. Given this condition, it can be used as a recurring accessory without worrying about its load and without fear of being left with the unusable appliance at the least expected moment.

In the presentation of this gadget, its creators affirm that behind its simple appearance is a technology that safely isolates the data it contains. In this way, personal information, transaction history and even the possibility of cloning the card are quite remote.

On a material level, this McLear ring was manufactured from high purity zirconia ceramics. This makes it highly resistant to scratches and bumps. Under normal use, whoever owns it should not worry about scratches and even expose it to water. As an additional advantage, this ring does not cause skin irritations, as it was designed with hypoallergenic properties.

These rings are offered in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 4.5 to 16. Each of these variations responds to the same design principle: Comfort Fit, characterized by having a smooth and curved inner edge, to provide whoever wear it in a more comfortable setting for everyday wear.

The scale of measurements responds to the standard dimensions for rings used in the United States. However, that is just a reference. For other types of measurements, the McLear website has a size converter. Thus, the purchase can be made in a more secure way.

To activate and use one of these rings, you must be over 18 years of age, according to the legal requirements to operate certain types of cards. Once enabled, this gadget can be used at any of the millions of payment points that support Visa payWave contactless technology. When paying with this gadget, transactions abroad may be subject to the charging of some commissions, as is the case with classic plastic cards.

At the moment the product is only available to order within the UK. However, from McLear they have already confirmed that they will begin to make shipments to other countries soon.

You can find more information about McLear Ring on their website.

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