A ring to control Google Meet, and other applications, with gestures

If you are in the middle of a video conference and you want to mute the sound, or highlight one of the users, for example, you will surely have to use the mouse or keyboard, but there is another way, using gestures thanks to a ring capable of recognizing movements from our hand.

The invention is from the Genki company, which already launched a ring a few years ago that allows you to create and edit music with gestures.

The Icelandic startup Genki Instruments, has now presented Wave for Work, with the same technology, but more focused on controlling applications such as Zoom, Skype, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams and Keynote.

In addition to managing presentations and video conferences, it can also be used for music-related tasks such as playing, pausing, skipping songs, and adjusting the volume in applications like Spotify.

The ring recognizes a turning gesture of the hand, which the user can assign to a function of his choosing. It also has three physical buttons that are easily pressed with the thumb, configurable buttons to do whatever we want, from pausing a song to changing transparency or mute the sound.

Among the different uses that can be given, the following stand out:

– mute the microphone. – manage cameras during video conferences. – start and run slide shows. – start programs.

The ring is compatible with macOS and Windows 10 operating systems and can communicate with a computer from a distance of up to 10 meters.

Its battery allows 8 hours of use, and its price is $ 99 at

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