A simple way to schedule meetings with different time zones

If for our work or studies we have to coordinate meetings with a team that shares different time zones, we would be interested in knowing World Meeting Time.

It is an interesting application that allows us to schedule meetings taking into account the time zones of each of the participants, in a very simple way. The first thing we have to do is determine the date and time of the meeting we are scheduling, as well as a place of reference.

To add the rest of the team, we have to find their approximate location on the map so that it automatically appears on the invitation card, along with the corresponding schedule. It is a quick process, since we will create a card and a visualization on the map of each of the members of our team.

Once we have finished adding participants, we can send the schedule to each of the invitees to their emails. It will inform them of the date of the meeting, its duration, as well as see all the invited participants with their different locations and time zones.

So that nobody forgets the appointment, the application allows you to directly save the event in Google Calendar. It is a simple but interesting option that allows us in a few minutes to find the right time for everyone when scheduling a meeting.

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