A simulator for driving boats through the Suez Canal

It is not easy to drive a 400 meter boat through the Suez Canal, we have already seen it during these last days, but if you want to feel the danger on your skin, nothing like a simulator to see if the task is as difficult as it seems.

That is what they have done on CNN, they have created a game that simulates the driving of a ship like Ever Given passing through the channel, being possible to adjust the view and speed while changing the direction with the keyboard cursor.

Available at this link, it is a free online game, you do not need to install anything, and it has all the navigation variables, which are not many in the game, distributed on the screen.

They were 220,000 tons, with containers that served as a sail, although those details do not respond to an exact equation of a physical simulator and to an approximation to have a general idea.

The game was designed with the help of Master Mariner Andy Winbow and Captain Yash Gupta, and the goal is simple, fight the side winds and avoid hitting the sides of the canal.

In real life there are many other variables to take into account, such as variable water depth, proximity to banks, passing boats, and other weather conditions such as visibility, although putting that into play would make it practically impossible.

A good idea to understand that it is not easy to go through certain places with a monster like that.

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