A site to explore the topics that will be trending after the pandemic

With the development of the COVID-19 pandemic during this year, many new topics of conversation until then came to the fore, setting the tone in the media, in advertising campaigns and even in our daily routine.

Just as there has been a lot of talk lately about social distancing, telecommuting and the use of masks, the question remains about the topics that will be a trend once the crisis is over. As an approximation to what the future will eventually hold, the Exploding Topics portal ventured into the definition of these projections, with their respective justifications.

Although the health crisis has not ceased, in various regions of the world some security measures have begun to relax, gradually resuming activity in the city. For this reason, little by little the topics of interest will begin to evolve.

Mainly, those who work in communications, advertising, managing social networks and in the generation of digital content in general, depend on a close connection with the interests of the citizen. For these types of activities, the resource that we present below can be a great ally.

A tool that predicts trends

Exploding Topics is a portal dedicated to analyzing and compiling emerging topics that are subject to explosive growth and are projected to become a trend in the future.

What this site does is analyze millions of searches, publications and mentions on the Internet through its own technology. Through its algorithm, those that have the potential to have a great reach are filtered among the researched topics, given the growing interest they arouse and the exponential projection of their growth.

After the automated selection work of those topics considered attractive, a curator job by the Exploding Topics team begins, applying a human filter on the results and adding complementary information for analysis. This selection of topics is updated weekly.

The dynamics under which this site works can be extremely useful to work in communications during the pandemic and its subsequent overcoming, mainly in the digital area, but without excluding other possible uses. Focusing on this end, Exploding Topics has a section dedicated to topics related to COVID-19 and everything that will capture the collective interest after the future end of the crisis.

Analysis of a growing theme

On the cover of the aforementioned section, the latest topics added to this list are presented, after going through the filters mentioned above.

When you click on any of the highlighted topics, a tab will be displayed in which you can obtain the data that justifies its inclusion in the list.

In the attached screenshot, we review the file in which the keywords air purifying plants are reviewed as a future trend. The justification added by the curators of the site points out that the vegetation inside the home serves the purpose of removing toxins in the air.

Below this description, a drop-down list appears that allows you to filter the statistics by time range, starting from one, three or six months, up to five, ten or fifteen years.

On this occasion, we review the statistics for the last six months, to measure its evolution in the last six years. Within this period, it can be seen that the monthly average is more than 12 thousand searches, representing a growth of 160%.

Although the planning of a successful communication strategy goes through more complex tasks, this site could be a good starting point to follow up on some topics and make a first approach to future trends.

If this resource seems to you to be a useful solution within your activity, you can subscribe to the Exploding Topics newsletter, to receive the latest topics added to the list in your mailbox on a weekly basis.

Link: Exploding Topics: Post COVID-19 Trends

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