A smart speaker for kids that is activated with flashcards

Yoto is an educational proposal thought for the smallest of the house, so that they explore and learn by playing.

It is a smart speaker, which is unlocked and activated when the children insert the themed cards that come with the device.

The cards tell the device the type of content to play, taking those resources from its online library. Following this dynamic, they will be able to access children's songs, stories, rhymes, podcasts, etc.

Depending on the child's age and the skills that the parents want them to develop, they can use the Yoto cards to learn the alphabet, play with colors, practice an instrument, become interested in a new language, etc.

This dynamic ensures that children can only access content that their parents approve. In addition to this card system, parents will have an application to further personalize the way their children use Yoto.

The Yoto team has some bonuses to further customize the experience. For example, parents can request a card with their own content. In this way, the speaker could play children's favorite stories, or stories told by grandparents, etc.

Yoto is in the financing stage at Kickstarter, so those interested can take advantage of some of the rewards they offer for contributing.

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