A table with a solar charger for mobile phones, which also has a speaker

A great invention is appearing on the kickstarter: a table whose top surface is a solar panel that captures energy to charge the mobiles that we put under it, in the shade. Charging can be done with cable or induction, and as if that were not useful, it includes speakers to always have the music at hand.

They created the project a few weeks ago, requesting 10,000 euros of financing. They surpassed it in just 5 hours, and now they have more than 100,000, with 5 days still on the campaign.

Available at this link, they sell each unit for just over 300 euros, and they will start shipping them from August of this year, although we already know that the dates in crowdfunding projects can be very different from those initially established.

The sound is from JBL, with 360 degrees, the product is waterproof, the weight is about 5 kg, removable … but the important thing in this case is its ability to charge, and they say that in 4 hours they will have a traditional mobile phone. 100% (logically, it depends on the battery of said mobile).

Its design really draws attention, not depending on cables and being able to enjoy sound, charger and table in a single device, although it must be made clear that if we put the plate of chips on its surface, we will run out of solar panel to charge the mobile.

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