A tool to create multiple copies of a Draft in Gmail

Imagine that you need to send the same email to different recipients but in each message you need to change small details such as the name of who is sent, their treatment (Lord, Lady), your identification number (usual in business communications) or other peculiarities.

You will probably resort to copying and pasting to create multiple messages, edit them and send them one by one, which is very easy with emails that include only text, but this is quite a headache for those messages with embedded images, attachments and special features .

This is where a new and very simple tool from appears that allows you to create a specific number of copies of a draft in Gmail to save large amounts of time when having the complete multimedia content in each of them.

As for its operation, just open Gmail, write a new message as usual and save it as Eraser.The next thing to do is go to this page to give some Gmail account permissions to the application in question so that it is possible to create new messages.

The other step is to choose from the application itself and its drop-down menus the title of the Eraserto occupy and then proceed to make your copies, again, choosing by means of a simple menu the desired (in this case, a specific number of copies).

It is not more, they will already be in the inbox all Erasers generated, with images, attachments and other details in its content, in such a way that subtract edit basic details in each one to execute its sending.

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