A tool to create Virtual Reality projects

Flipside Studio is a new virtual production tool that allows users to capture and create fully animated content in virtual reality.

It has been in beta for a long time, but they have already opened their doors so that interested parties can incorporate avatars and models within virtual reality and configure virtual cameras to film content from the virtual studio.

The goal is for the actors to act and perform scenes using motion capture, which will then be recorded with virtual cameras and edited into video or broadcast as live animation content.

It’s available for PC VR on Steam, but it looks like they are working on a standalone version for Oculus Quest for the future.

Flipside Studio has several tools that help in the process of carrying out projects of different types of production. There’s an auto-scrolling teleprompter, features for realistic interactions, integration with Twitch and other platforms, custom sets, the ability to draw live, and collaboration support for multi-user sessions.

Where has it been used?

The tool has been used by some companies that decided to give Flipside Studio a try, with projects already available on some streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Twitch, and Caffeine.

It was used, for example, to create a prototype of Detective Fips, a children’s show on the Toggo platform, as well as a live animated program with chat interaction that was published on Caffeine.

It has also been used for music videos on DEL Records and for content on the Amazon Prime series Spooky Movie Time.

It’s free?

Be free for non-commercial use, at a cost of $ 25 per month for independent studies and $ 200 per month for companies with income over 200,000 per year.

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