A unified platform that offers different avenues for customer service

During the confinement phase due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies and consumers have been more connected than ever through numerous digital platforms. When it comes to customer service, companies have had to resort to different options separately to be in contact with their customers through different channels, something that Chatpage tries to avoid with its own solution.

To do this, Chatpage aims to be the all-in-one solution when it comes to customer service in the instant messaging era, allowing companies to serve their customers through live text chats, through video calls, and even also It has an appointment reservation system, a feature that right now would come in handy for all those companies with capacity limits that serve their customers by reservation.

It also offers screen sharing capability, and all conversations are encrypted with current encryption standards, promising 99% availability, based on Google’s cloud infrastructure.

It is a service freemium which has three pricing options, the first being free, focused on companies that are starting and allowing a single agent to resolve customer doubts by any of the routes, being able to have a limit of up to 100 contacts as a maximum .

Then they are followed by the Standard and Premium options, of payment, in whose last tariff option there is no limit in terms of the number of agents, in addition to including its own web domain. In this regard, when a company signs up for the service, which takes a few seconds, it will get its own chosen subdomain, giving it access to its own page.

Of course, Chatpage works only through the web, although its platform supports access through mobile devices, as can be expected from a modern service that has just been launched a few months ago.

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