A web application that will help you with writing when you run out of inspiration

Prompts is a web application designed for those users who are afraid of the blank page or suffer from a creative block.

It will not give you advice for inspiration, but will give you a little nudge to get your mind going.

You will see that it has a minimalist interface and a series of options. It does not have editing tools, as that is not its purpose. Its dynamics is based on presenting you ideas (some crazy and crazy) taken from the r / WritingPrompts subreddit.

Show you a sentence or two as if they were the beginning of a story. From there, you can continue the idea by writing whatever comes to your mind or improvising your own story. It works like writing exercises, but without pressure.

If you don’t like the story that Prompts presents, you can request another idea from the Get Another Prompts option. You can skip stories as many times as you want until you find one that you like. And following this dynamic, you can set writing periods using the application’s timer.

Or you can use the timer to create your own challenges and see how much you can write in a given period of time. One detail to keep in mind is that nothing you write is saved in Prompts, since you do not create an account, you simply use it as if it were any web page.

So if you want to keep what you have written in the application you will have to export it. You can simply copy and paste, or use the app’s option to export it as a text file. And if it has only been a hobby to exercise writing and you do not want to keep it, close the app and that’s it.

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