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In the Programmers Only section we have hundreds of resources that can help you learn to program and improve your skills in this subject, as well as learn about new tools that can help these professionals.

Today we will expand the list with a website specially designed for practice: is an open source platform where developers can solve programming challenges that reflect real project problems. Its creator decided to focus on creating tasks from the frontend and the backend, automatic tests based on the provided URL.

It is a project by ukasz Sentkiewicz, a developer with 10 years of experience who acknowledges having won more than $ 1,000,000 in TopCoder doing programming contests, and now wants to share his knowledge with the world.

The idea of ​​ is simple. He has created a free platform where people can practice programming by solving tasks that reflect real job problems. Its main target is junior developers who are struggling to get their first job because they lack experience. Experienced developers can also use the platform if they change the programming language or framework and need to practice.

At, we will be able to solve challenges in many areas that we can find in real projects. Example: routing, validation, error handling, authentication, business logic implementation.

According to himself:

The difference between and other educational platforms is the difficulty of the problems it has to solve. At, the challenges are much more difficult, but still required for junior jobs.

You are now planning to create short contests where people will compete, so you better be vigilant.

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