A website to remember the restart process of different old operating systems

Over the last few years we have spoken to you on a large number of occasions about different projects with which to remember past times in the world of computers and the Internet, such as this website to simulate 56 kbps browsing speeds. On this occasion we found it interesting to highlight The Restart Page, an interesting website that aims to help us remember the reboot process of over a dozen old operating systems.

The operation of the website we are talking about is very simple. In fact, it is only necessary to access the link that we indicate at the end of this article and we will see the restart menu of a large number of old operating systems, as you can see in the screenshot shown above.

In this way, you just have to opt for a specific menu and press OK or Restart to relive the restart process of the chosen operating system. The experience is completely identical to the original, since the web is even responsible for reproducing the characteristic startup sounds of each OS.

Without a doubt, it is a most interesting project. If it has caught your attention, you can take a look at it and remember past times through the following link to the website of The Restart Page.

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