About cheating with video calls on Whatsapp

False notice of video calls on Whatsapp

Whatsapp offer video calls, there is no doubt, but they are not yet available, neither for android nor for iOS.

For several months now the functionality has been announced, a logical step after offering the calls that we already have on WhatsApp, and that generates such anxiety that many users forget the basic rules when using a mobile phone and start to make Click on the first link that promises to activate this feature on your devices.

This is reported in the Internet Security Office: a false warning of video calls on WhatsApp is deceiving many users who click on the link to end up on a page that, imitating that of WhatsApp, requests personal data.

The campaign, which seeks to capture phone numbers by impersonating WhatsApp, is being distributed on social networks among mobile phones, mainly in Spain. They are banners that encourage you to share an update message to video calls with WhatsApp contacts and groups, and that shows a notification that your phone is out of date when you click on the Download Video Calls button. It is when pressing this button when the user is sent to a page where they ask for the phone and the operator, trying to subscribe the user to a Premium SMS service.

The vast majority of users do not fall for something as simple as that, but many still do not have enough digital culture to understand that new versions of the applications always arrive via Google Play or iTunes. Then premium SMS arrives and nobody understands the origin of this unsolicited service, a service that in many occasions is not so easy to disable.

You can read more about this new hoax at

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