About PDF in Google searches

Gary Illyes, Google webmaster, explains to us that, continuing with his mission of organizing the information in the search engine to make it more accessible to the user, they know that millions of links that are not HTML files, such as PDFs or PDFs, appear in our searches on Google. Google started listing PDF files in 2001 and there are currently hundreds of millions of such files in our searches. In his article, Illyes comments on some of the most relevant doubts about these common types of files and answers the most commonly asked questions: Google can index any type of PDF file and in any type of language (unless it is encrypted). Also the links included in PDF documents work the same as a link that we can find in an HTML page. Reading pages in PDF, although at first it was not the most popular, it is becoming more and more common: curiously, Illyes explains that one of the most performed searches includes PDFs as the first optionsIf we do not want this type of files from our website to appear in our searches, there is a URL removal tool available in Google Webmaster Tools that will give us the option to remove PDFs and other types of URLs from the list. We leave you with a video from Matt Cutts on the matter: Goes: Google Webmaster Central Blog

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