About TikTok, Instagram and YouTube data breach

When millions of data are stolen from platforms as famous as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, half the world takes their heads, but we are going to analyze exactly what has happened to understand the risk we are taking.

It is a poorly protected database from the Hong Kong-based company Social Data. He has exposed the personal information of more than 235 million TikTok, Instagram and YouTube accounts, data that he had obtained in various ways, and that has now been leaked and may be in the hands of various people around the world.

As they comment on thenextweb, they do not have the passwords of our social networks, but the cybersecurity company Comparitech, who found and revealed the vulnerability (which Social Data solved immediately) has disclosed what has been stolen:

– Profile name – Full real name – Profile picture – Account description – If the profile belongs to a company or has ads – Statistics on the participation of followers, including: Number of followers; Participation rate; Followers growth rate; Gender of the audience; Audience age; Audience location – Likes – Timestamp of last post – Age – Gender – Phone numbers and email addresses of at least 20% of the accounts listed.

That is, with these data they cannot steal our account, and in fact many of them are already public, but in this way the information of many people who can steal the identity, or who can call by phone, is perfectly classified. to perform scams of any kind.

Having so much information on each user creates a decent base for identity theft, and when it comes to 235 million users, things get complicated.

It is very possible that my account, or yours, is among those stolen, so there is someone who has our email and our telephone number, as well as the records of our social networks, so you have to be more vigilant than never to possible unwanted messages on WhatsApp, calls from people posing as support, emails with links to places that can steal our data … you always have to be attentive to the issue, but now more than ever.

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