Access Dots, a tool that alerts you when another app uses your mobile’s microphone or camera

We all want privacy on our mobile and that is why a new option has emerged that allows us to increase protection on Android much more.

In order to reinforce this security area, Access Dots is presented to fulfill a function that was already integrated in the latest test version of Apple’s operating system: we talk about iOS 14 and its notification points. This is how the application works.

Access Dots, for when an app accesses the device’s camera or microphone in an unregistered manner

Access Dots copies exactly that function from those of Cupertino to integrate it separately to Android phones, through a third-party application. As its name implies, the work of this app consists of show these access points on the smartphone screen indicating that at that precise moment some application is using the microphone, the camera or both at the same time.

In itself there is not much to see within this application, since really the only option that this app performs is to notify the user with a colored dot next to the screen whenever those mobile features are up and running. The access points come lighting orange when it comes to the microphone and green when it becomes the camera (these can be adjusted), as it happens exactly the same in the new version of iOS 14.

To carry out this, you just have to enter the application (below you will see the link to download it), go to the Installed Services section and enable the permissions in Access Dots, so you can be notified as in the example presented in question.

With everything said in the previous lines, it cannot be surprising that Access Dots only weighs 2.7 MB, even knowing that can save us from a possible spy or curious that you have access to the most important means that a mobile has, such as the camera and the microphone.

The most logical thing would be to expect a solution similar to this that is native to Android phones as with iPhones, but for now Android users can survive with Access Dots to fulfill this role of guardian. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play and has practically no ads, so something better cannot be asked for in these circumstances.

Access Dots: free download on Android

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