ActionDash changes hands, making many premium digital wellness features free

In recent times, with the rise of mobile devices and the time we spend on them, a series of functions have come to us that allow us to control the use we make of them.

This is what has been called Digital Wellbeing functions, which in the case of Android, have been integrated into the latest versions of this operating system, although we can also find digital wellbeing functions in some of the main social platforms.

Returning to Android, in addition to the functions that Google already offers for devices from Android 9 onwards, users can also opt for third-party Digital Wellbeing functions, such as the ActionDash application, which offers a wide variety of options, above those offered by Google, although they do not have the same level of integration as the native Digital Wellbeing functions for Android.

Well then, ActionDash changes hands, now belonging to Sensor Tower, a company specialized in monitoring mobile applications. For users, this acquisition is changing some things. On the one hand, stop having ads, and on the other hand, many of the paid functions are now free functions.

It is kept, yes, those functions belonging to the Plus subscription, although this subscription falls in price, reaching 99 cents. Users will be able to enjoy the changes once they accept the new terms.

When it comes to privacy, users may choose not to participate in the collection of data in an aggregated and anonymous way on the use of applications, although that s, you will not be able to make use of the future functions that will be coming.

In this regard, the one who was up to now the person in charge of the application, Chris Lacy, pointed out the following:

Crucially, Sensor Tower’s business model and responsible use of data aligns well with my company’s traditional practice of respecting user privacy. Sensor Tower is not in the business of collecting and selling personally identifiable information, serving personalized advertisements, etc., rather, Sensor Tower may use aggregated and anonymous application usage data from ActionDash to enable its business customers to obtain information as share. in the competition Application X increased 20% since its update 5.0 or Category Y downloads are increasing by 10%.

In addition, Lacy hopes that, thanks to the resources available to Sensor Tower, ActionDash may have functions that Lacy’s company was not viable to develop. Along with ActionDash, Sensor Tower also acquired StayFree, a phone reminder app, also for Android.

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