Actuflow, an app so that we use our mobile less impulsively

Many times we pick up the mobile without knowing exactly what we want to do with it. Pass the time watching content on social networks, or kill a minute dead with the game on duty, or simply change the wallpaper because we have nothing better to do.

This movement of taking the mobile for no reason has become worrying on many occasions, and there is an app that can help reduce addiction.

This is Actuflow, an app that presents its new version with a simple objective, to help people use their phones more consciously without using radical tools such as application use limits (family link and the like).

Actuflow does a simple trick, checks if you are honest with yourself and challenges you to use your phone only for a defined intention. Every time we unlock the mobile, we open a form to indicate the reason, forcing us to spend a few seconds to think if we really need the mobile at that time.

The application works 100% offline and does not store user data outside of the device and there is no analysis in the application at all. It shows various statistics, such as the times we have skipped the form to get to the point, which helps to better understand our use of the device.

Available for free for android and for iOS, we can find the links for its installation in

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