Adding the elements of a Pinterest category in WordPress

If you use Pinterest and you would like to show the elements that you all keep on your blog, there are many solutions that allow you to do so if you use WordPress.

You just have to search for Pinterest in the Plugins section to obtain several options that help to include the thumbnails of what we keep in our account, thus being very easy to have a dynamic content section on our blog.

The problem is that the existing options (none official from Pinterest) show ALL the elements of the specified account, without the possibility of determining a single category (Board).

In order to solve this problem I have used the extension Pretty Pinterest Pins, which captures the RSS address of any Pinterest account to display its elements as a Widget. The RSS can be obtained easily, since you only have to access[usuario]/feed.rss so as not to lose detail of the updates.

If what we want is to obtain the rss of a specific category, the format is[usuario]/[board]/ rss.

Before posting it on the blog (I have tried it with I have altered the function that captures the rss, changing

$ rss = fetch_feed (‘[username]/feed.rss’);


$ rss = fetch_feed (‘’);

in this way the rss obtained is that of the Board specific to trailers, not the entire account.

The result of the altered function is as follows:

The widget can be configured to adapt to the blog, being able to see the result of my Pins of the Trailers category in

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