Adobe introduces tool that displays the same web content differently to each visitor

Writing an article on the Internet does not have much mystery: you choose a title, some multimedia content and a text that tells the news. It can be done with more or less grace, but the process is always the same.

Now Adobe wants to add some icing to this cake: show different text of the same article depending on the type of visitor who reads it.

That’s right, this is a product of the Adobe team that has created a way to use the artificial intelligence to automatically personalize a blog for different visitors.

At the moment it is an experiment by Adobe Sneaks, where they present new ideas (demos) of which 60% (approximately) are transformed into real products.

The idea of ​​this tool is to allow content creators to have a more flexible medium, more adapted to the type of reader. It’s not just about creating two versions and displaying one or the other randomly to decide which one works best, it’s about automatically suggesting different headlines and images for different audiences.

Without giving much detail about how this will affect SEO (how Google will read it to show it in its search engine), they have commented that human writers and editors will be able to edit the previews for each audience segment, which will increase the control of what may or may not be viewed in the reader’s browser. In the image above it is possible to see how the editor creates different variations so that the AI ​​decides when to deliver one or the other.

This AI is not changing the content itself, only the way the content is promoted on the main site, so that at the source, in the database, there is still a single version.

They comment on TC that readers will see a modified version based on the information that visitors have chosen to share with a brand or website, that is, their cookies.

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