Advertisers keep ditching Facebook, now it’s been Verizon

Verizon has frozen all its advertising campaigns on Facebook in support of the boycott that this social network is suffering.

The reason is clear: not enough is being done to stop hate speech on their platforms, and things are increasing. Until now, it has been small and medium-sized companies (such as the ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s and the outdoor clothing companies Patagonia and The North Face) that have decided to stop advertising on Facebook, now things are starting to grow, although It is unknown how much Verizon spends on social media advertising.

From Verizon they have said:

We are pausing our advertising until Facebook can create an acceptable solution that makes us comfortable.

And on Facebook they have responded:

We respect the decision of any brand and remain focused on the important work of eliminating hate speech and providing critical information for voting.

What makes it clear that all this has to do with the conversations that are generated in the wake of the next elections in the United States.

Civil rights groups in the United States are urging brands to support the Stop Hate for Profit campaign. The campaign has been created to eliminate hate speech, harassment and misinformation on Facebook.

Verizon made the decision by seeing an ad for him alongside a video containing an anti-Semitic rhetoric from the QAnon conspiracy group. They don’t want ads to run alongside divisive, obnoxious, and conspiratorial content.

Now everyone is paying attention to the move Facebook can make.

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