AeroBand: “silent” musical instruments with Bluetooth

If you are one of those people who on more than one occasion has made the traditional mica of an air guitar when listening to a melody or if you usually mark percussive rhythms with your arms, there are a couple of gadgets that can help the most passionate musicians to carry this experience to a new plane.

These are PocketDrum and PocketGuitar, two interesting virtual musical instruments that operate through gadgets that are totally silent on the outside.

These devices are part of the AeroBand product collection, a company that since 2016 has been working on the development and production of these innovative musical solutions.

PocketDrum, a portable, silent and invisible battery

The dream of many percussionists is to be able to carry their drum kit with the same portability with which a book can be carried. With PocketDrum it is possible, because the paraphernalia is reduced only to the drumsticks.

Both pieces, which weigh only 83 grams each, have a series of sensors that capture the movements of the person playing the rhythms with it, providing details such as small vibrations that emulate the sensation of actually playing the parts of a drum.

To play, it is necessary to have the AeroBand mobile app, which is used to calibrate the drumsticks based on the position and location of the user.

The sound, which by the way is of remarkable quality, can be obtained through a Bluetooth connection. Also, this solution can be used as a controller for applications such as GarageBand.

PocketGuitar, a ueta for those who don’t necessarily know how to play guitar

Another silent musical accessory created by AeroBand is PocketGuitar, a simple and lightweight device that emulates a ueta or nib in appearance and that has the ability to imitate the sound of various instruments in addition to the guitar, such as bass, ukulele and others. ms.

Its operating dynamics are similar to that of PocketDrum. In fact, the two can complement each other very well, as through the AeroBand application one or two PocketGuitar nibs can be configured to be used as pedal summers for the virtual drum kit.

As for the stringed instruments that can be emulated, their method of control boils down to executing the simulation of strumming strings in the air, the classic mime associated with guitarists. From the app the notes or harmonies to be executed are configured, leaving only the definition of the rhythm with their movements in the hands of the performer.

Both instruments have very high quality sound banks, a condition that enriches the experience of those who use them.

Aside from how flashy playing air instruments can be, both are great options for beginners. On the one hand, the pair of drumsticks can be a good first approach to the drums, especially to exercise notions of rhythm. Complementarily, by virtue of the virtual guitar, having a simplified execution method, notes and scales can be exercised at any time and place.

A unit of PocketGuitar can start at $ 40, while a pair of PocketDrum drumsticks start at $ 169. The complete AeroBand kit, which contains the pair of drumsticks and two nibs, is also available for $ 239.

You can find more details about these two musical gadgets on the AeroBand website.

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