Airtime reborn as a video chat room service

Sean Parker, one of the founders of Airtime, wants to give his product a new opportunity, going from being a chat service to chat with people randomly, a model that did not work, to being a video chat room service for share different multimedia elements in real time with friends and other acquaintances. That is, Parker now acts alone, without the collaboration of Shawn Fanning, another of the founders of Airtime.

The new philosophy, in essence, is to try to simulate being with friends and other well-known people in the same physical room, sharing in real time different content such as images, photos, videos, …, available in a series of well-known Internet services, although also It is possible that the participants can share their images and videos with the rest of the participants, that is, only with them, since within the essence itself is also the feeling of privacy and closeness.As pointed out in TechCrunch, Airtime can have a certain complexity of use, which can take many users back when adopting this service, although it is also flexible enough to cover different modes of expression.

The new Airtime comes at a time when more use is being made of video and content sharing in real time. Users will only have to generate their own rooms and include 10, 20 or even 50 people so that at some point they can participate with some of them, with up to six of them simultaneously.

Airtime is available as an application for Android and iOS, being already available for free in their respective application markets

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