Alexa brings a new mode that allows you to change verbal confirmations for sounds

Image credit: TechCrunch

In recent days, numerous users with devices under Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant, have found the possibility of changing the voice confirmations of Alexa to the actions requested by short sounds through the new shortcut, thus avoiding having to Continuously hear verbal confirmations for the actions requested from the Amazon assistant, especially if they have multiple connected devices.

Some of these users have also found that the new shortcut has disappeared shortly after it appeared, and even more recently, some users have also been presented with the option to enable / disable the new mode through the application. Alexa mobile.

At the moment, everything seems to indicate that it is a test that Amazon is carrying out, although for the moment, the company led by Jeff Bezos, has not yet confirmed or denied anything about the new mode, which comes to lucky users after explanation by voice by Alexa, allowing its activation optionally.

It so happens that more and more there are more smart devices that can be managed with Alexa, beyond what we are already used to listening to or using, such as smart bulbs or speakers, as they will gradually appear In the market, switches, taps, refrigerators, and other types of electronic and electrical appliances that allow their management under the Amazon assistant, so that in a home that has multiple connected devices, it can be tiresome to listen to the confirmations to Alexa, or simply annoyed to listen at certain times of the day, such as early in the morning, when members of the same family may already be sleeping.

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