Alexa will allow you to interact with mobile apps, among other new features

As planned, today the event for Alexa skills developers, Alexa Live, took place virtually, in which the new features that will be coming to the Amazon virtual assistant have been announced.

In total, there have been 31 new features for Alexa, being some of them quite important, since they will mark the way in which users will interact with Alexa in the future.

Improving experiences with Alexa

Alexa for Apps It is one of the most important features that has just been presented in Alexa Live, and that has just arrived in a limited preview phase with which in the future it will allow users to establish voice commands to Alexa on mobile devices to perform actions within the applications installed on the devices.

As an example, users can ask Alexa to open the Twitter application and display tweets under a specific hashtag on the screen. Or open TikTok and start recording without touching the screen.

For this feature, mobile app developers will need to modify apps to allow Alexa skills to work with them following user voice commands.

Another important feature is Alexa Conversations, which is now in beta, and which will allow users to interact more naturally with Alexa in the future, rather than just offering robotic-style voice commands, allowing developers to create new experiences.

Also coming is the Skills Resume feature, which is now in preview for English in the United States, and will allow skills to work in the background to jump to the foreground when needed, for example, offer an upgrade the moment the rental car arrives for a road vacation trip.

On the other hand, two new features arrive, Quick Links, in beta phase, and unnamed interactions toolkit, in preliminary phase, which will facilitate the discovery of skills to your potential users, given that the users of Alexa devices interact with a small part of the existing skills as there has not, until now, an effective system that allows the discovery of other skills that allow them to meet their needs.

Likewise, experiences also come to create new interactive experiences, and many others of lesser importance or level of importance, but what it is about is that Alexa continues to be at the top of the list of virtual assistants, taking into account that rival attendees do not rest on the launch of new features, as we continue to see on different days, and that Alexa continues, at the moment, to have the highest level of penetration in the market.

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