Algobrix, so that children learn to program by playing

More and more projects are launched aimed at children learning to program in a simple and entertaining way. As you already know, the potential of programming is enormous, and become increasingly important as the years go by. Today we are talking about Algobrix, A game for children between 5 and 13 years old to learn to program in a fun way.

In general, the concept of Algobrix is ​​quite simple. These are intelligent plastic blocks that we will have to group to get our robots to carry out certain functions. As explained by the creators of the product, We can program our robot to do anything, like rotate, stop, make sounds or turn on lights. Once we have configured the blocks correctly, we will only have to press the button play.

As you could have imagined, the different intelligent blocks correspond to functions and parameters, in the same way as in a real programming language. Of course, we can group the different blocks in different ways, depending on the actions we want our robot to carry out.

At this point we cannot deny the interest generated by the product. In fact, in the absence of 56 days to close the campaign, Algobrix has managed to raise around 75,000 of the $ 50,000 initially requested. Regarding its price, Algobrix will be marketed for 210 dollars from the month of February. We leave you with the presentation video:

Link: Kickstarter.

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