All about the flying dragon, the lizard that glides among the trees

All about the flying dragon, the lizard that glides among the trees

Our curious animal today is the flying dragon.

Hearing his name inevitably brings to mind typical dragons from fairy taless from our childhood or pterodactyls They fly majestically over the sky from any self-respecting dinosaur movie.

However, the animal that we are going to talk about today has nothing to do with these specimens, although that does not mean it is still interesting and enough curious as part of this section.

How is the flying dragon?


Draco volans, better known as flying dragon, is a lizard of the gender Draco whose name comes from some wing-like folds that allow you glide from one tree to another.

These wings, which are associated with their moving ribs,are from bright colors with blue spots and tones between reddish and orange, so when folded they also serve for the camouflage. However, the rest of his body is brown and the double chin of a yellowish coloration, so its appearance is especially striking.

Unlike the huge fairy tale dragons, the size of this animal is medium, from 19 to 23 centimeters (slightly higher in the case of females), so it is not in a position to feed on princesses in distress and prefers to opt for ants and termites.

They are typical of tropical forests of southwest Asia and India, including areas like Borneo and the Philippine Islands, so if you travel to any of those regions, be careful where you walk, since the females come down from the trees to deposit the eggs, which are buried in groups one to four.

As you can see, it is not a very scary animal, but it is quite curious. Meanwhile, if you want scary dragons, you will always be left with these.


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