All mobiles in India must have a 'panic button' to protect women

Starting next year mobile phones in India should include a panic button, and starting in 2018 they should have a satellite paging system, an action that has been announced this week to protect women in a country suffering from severe gender violence problem.

The emergency function will be activated by pressing a special key on new phones or the number '5' or '9' on a basic device, something that all brands must have, including Apple and Samsung.

The idea wants to take root precisely because India is one of the fastest growing markets for smartphones (it already has a billion mobile phone users), so a panic button could help reduce the number of existing violations in the region (four violations per hour, currently).

By pressing the button, you will be calling the emergency service, although they are currently working to centralize those calls in a single number to speed up the response.

There are already several applications, including wearables, that activate an emergency system in India, but having it factory on all mobile phones can help a lot to avoid new victims, or at least to reduce the number of cases.

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