Alone, the smart glasses for cyclists

Alone, the smart glasses for cyclists

Kopin presents its new smart glasses, created especially for cyclists.

When Google Glass emerged, many believed that it would be a revolution, although finally the project has not caught on because of its limitations, its design and the difficulty of entering society without being the point of attention. Even so, Google continues to work on new versions.

That they do not serve (for the moment) on a daily basis, does not mean that this glasses type cannot be very useful at certain times. These are the glasses Alone Kopin’s latest creation for cyclists who want to have all the data in front of their eyes.

Based on Strike Fighter fighter pilot helmets with Head Up Display, the smart glasses for cyclistsThey alone combine technology and ergonomic design so as not to be a hindrance during sports practice.

All training information always visible

Its frame is made of streamlined nylon, the screen is placed in a small prism in the right eye and is advertised as the Smallest optical module in the world for its resolution, capable of displaying information even in direct sunlight on the glasses.

The battery has a maximum autonomy of 6 hours, the lenses are interchangeable to adapt to most cyclists and to all kinds of conditions and in the sound section it offers dual microphone with noise cancellation and double speaker.

Through the Solos application for the smartphone, configure all the fields that we will see on the screen: GPS data, times, rhythms, unevenness and more. The best thing is that in addition to Bluetooth, it is also ANT + compatible, so it can be paired with all kinds of third-party sensors such as potentiometers, cadence sensors, heart rate, etc.

As a lover of sports and technology, the idea seems very good to me, but it sure happens to me when I see the price. Not yet announced, but considering that the similar Recon Jet Smart glasses were going for more than $ 700, I do not want to get my hopes up. All the details of these smart glasses for cyclists on their website.

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