Alternatives to Google Docs for working with online documents

Alternatives to Google Docs for working with online documents

If you want to be less dependent on Google services, here are some alternatives to Google Docs to create and edit documents online.

Google has achieved something that seemed unimaginable a few years ago: it has made Microsoft Office forget many users thanks to the constant improvement of Google Docs.

If we talk about a office suite in the cloudGoogle Docs, now integrated into Drive (Google storage) is one of the most used options to create documents, edit them and work collaboratively and, of course, with a perfect connection to the rest of your services.

However, there are always those who look for alternatives and in the same way that in OpenOffice desktop programs it wins fans against Microsoft Office, if we talk about online office, there are also users who do not want to depend on Google.

For example, our partner Ivn got a 100% free Google experience on your Android, is this possible? Here you will find it. So, in the same way, we are going to see free alternatives to Google Docs.

Microsoft Office Online, of course

Surprise, right ?. With the cloud boom, Microsoft was not going to sit still while other companies took over and yes, Office Online is a tremendously good option for creating, editing and sharing documents of all kinds, anywhere.

Among the tools it has, Microsoft Office Online has browser versions of the three jewels in the crown: Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but OneNote orSwayy also integrates with OneDrive (Microsoft storage), Outlook mail (which recently renewed), calendar and more.

Microsoft Office Online is free and can be accessed from the browser, or with dedicated applications on Android, iOS and Windows for mobile devices.

Microsoft Office website

Zoho Docs

Does Zoho sound familiar to you? It is a lesser known Indian company here but it has also built a cloud office suite to edit and create documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

In this case, the free account of Zoho Docs allows you to upload Office documents, use different document processors without limit and with version history, as well as create and share unlimited documents, but storage is limited to 5GB per user.

Not only is it available on its website, it also has a desktop client to Windows, Mac and Linux, and applications for iOS and Android, syncing all changes automatically.

Zoho website


Like the rest, Onlyofficewas born as an online alternative to the classic Microsoft Office, so in this free service we will be able to upload Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents without any problem and edit them as we like (supports .docx, .xlsx and .pptx).

An interesting point of OnlyOffice is its integration with other cloud servicesamong which there are important names such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive.

OnlyOffice website

OnlyOffice in the Chrome Web Store

Quip, more focused on teams

On the other hand, there is Quip, which is presented as an online tool more focused on work teams where a collaborative edition with various management and communication options is required.

Thus, Quip has an integrated chat to talk to all the participants of a document, a shared task manager, an option to create text documents and spreadsheets, it also works without connection on smartphones and tablets, synchronizing everything when getting the Internet.

As we say, Quip is focused on a more professional environment, although the basic version is free, with unlimited documents, but to unleash its true potential are the payment plans.

Quip website

And you, do you know more alternatives to Google Docs / Drive? Or do you prefer to continue using local programs like Microsoft Office or LibreOffice ?.

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