Amazon Echo Show 8: the display speaker designed for everyone

Amazon Echo Show 8: the display speaker designed for everyone

At the midpoint is virtue. That seems to be Amazon’s approach with the Echo Show 8, its latest smart speaker with a screen. With 8 inches comes to complete the catalog of devices with a touch panel of the company, being between the Echo Show (10 “) and the Echo Show 5 (5”), and to compete directly against the Google Nest Hub.

Its size is the big buying factor. It opens the door to the possibility of placing this in many more rooms than either of the other two other devices that have been on the market for several months. While the Show is designed for large rooms, where it almost becomes the center of attention, Show 5 (and the now extinct Echo Spot) is designed to be an alarm clock with ‘asteroids’ and is ideal for bedrooms. However, the Show 8 is the ideal display speaker to be placed in any room. The right measure that serves so much for the living room, the nightstand or the kitchen where you can follow the recipes.

In the middle is also its sound quality. Share with the larger model the same two 2-inch 10W speakers, however, it is behind it in depth of sound since it does not have the same space to manage the bass that the Show has. Still, it feels considerably more advanced than Show 5 and is capable of filling a room by itself.

Amazon Echo Show 8 Chema Flores

Not only does it compete with brand devices, but Show 8 is a tough rival to the only display speaker sold by Google in Spain, the Nest Hub. Both share a price (129 euros), however, the Amazon has a one-inch more screen and especially a considerably more powerful speaker.

Squeezing Alexa

Despite the fact that the team is still betting on the MediaTek chip 8163, its screen is handled more fluidly than the 5-inch model and the relationship of use with it it has improved with respect to the previous generation. Although the interface remains, the interaction with the screen is key when it comes to understanding Alexa in these models, since in addition to the voice we can move through the interface as if it were a tablet.

Unlike the rest of the Echo family speakers, getting a Show model implies be able to see information at a glance, check the latest news with visual support, see the album cover we are listening to, as well as check recipes on YouTube or see the latest release of Amazon Prime Video.

The screen is also key to two other aspects that have a lot more sense with a device of this type than with other models: communication with friends and family, as well as control of the connected home.

Amazon Echo Show 8 Chema Flores

The first case allows make video calls hands-free to those contacts who have another Echo with a screen, either through the Alexa application or with Skype, as well as calling other rooms in the house where there is another speaker, either with the drop in function or with to advertise. For its part, in the case of digital home we will not stick to voice commands to control the lights, turn off plugs or activate the vacuum cleaner, but on the show screen we can control the thermostat, the bell or the security cameras that we have connected at home.


Beyond interacting with the device through voice commands and touching the screen, Show 8 offers the same keypad as Show 5: three physical buttons, two with which to regulate the volume and another to disconnect the microphone. In addition, it has bluetooth connection as well as 3.5 mm audio output to give greater versatility to the device.

Following the usual mechanics of the company’s loudspeakers, when the microphone is deactivated the button will turn red as well as a stripe of the same color appear on the screen, a very visual way of indicating to the user that the device not listening to you.

Another of the measures with which the company seeks to make the user create on their device, since it can be placed in such private places as the bedroom or children’s room, has a tab that completely cover the camera. This piece stands out in another color on the front of the device to mark that the camera is facing an opaque surface.

Amazon Echo Show 8 Chema Flores

Beyond these physical controls, as with other company devices, users can access their recordings directly with their voice. They can be reviewed, listened to again or the system can be asked to eliminate forever. A function with which Amazon seeks to gain the trust of users by bringing a device that listens to you in detail at home thanks to its four integrated microphones.

In short, Amazon has achieved with the Echo Show 8 the perfect speaker for those who do not decide to put a computer with a screen in their homes. The 8 inches are an intermediate measure that provides greater versatility than the other two models that it has on the market and serves to expand the Alexa ecosystem one step further.

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