Amazon implements a new system to prevent counterfeiting on the platform

Amazon announced that it will implement a new system to end counterfeits on the platform, led by an international team of experts.

In recent years we have seen how Amazon has used different strategies to eliminate counterfeit products. And now, all the weight will fall on a new unit created for the purpose of combating counterfeiting crimes.

This unit will be comprised of an international team of professionals, including data analysts, investigators, and former US federal prosecutors. This team will work with data provided by Amazon and different external sources to detect, investigate, and facilitate legal action. .

This dynamic helps brands, Amazon and the corresponding authorities work together when they detect counterfeiting crimes. So facilitate the entire process involved in investigations and litigation after acts of fraud and falsification, regardless of the territory of the offenders.

Recall that last year Amazon introduced Project Zero, a program for brands that uses machine learning to detect counterfeit products, as well as other tools. And of course, it also has a human team of thousands of employees to detect fraud or any abuse of the platform’s policies.

According to data shared by Amazon, these initiatives and an investment of more than 500 million dollars, have managed to block more than 2 million accounts before they can publish the counterfeit products in 2019.

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