Amazon Introduces SDK for Integrating Virtual Dash Buttons on Display Devices

Amazon started implementing virtual Dash buttons on its website and mobile app just a year ago, though then, in October of last year, it implemented it on Echo Show devices.

Now, the company will allow device manufacturers to deploy them to their connected devices with integrated display through its new service called Virtual Dash Button Service (VDBS). The idea is that users can place orders for those products that are running low through the screens of connected devices with just a click away.

VDBS is basically an SDK (Software Development Kit), which allows third parties to implement virtual Dash buttons on their connected devices, subsequently enabling users to program these buttons and use them to manually order orders from through an integrated screen, using your Amazon user accounts. For example, if you run out of milk in the fridge, you can use these buttons to place a new milk order.

In fact, Whirlpool, LG and Samsung are some of the manufacturers that are already starting to use VDBS. According to Amazon, with virtual Dash buttons, users will be able to find and order a selection of millions of eligible products, although this will already depend on each market where Dash buttons are available.

VDBS is available to manufacturers of connected devices of all sizes. For now, manufacturers should contact Amazon by email to report the device and its use where they want to deploy it. the SDK will be available for free over the next few months, the company says.

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