Amazon is testing its own distribution network, according to WSJ

Amazon is testing its own distribution network to complete the last stage of delivering goods to consumers’ doorsteps, a report by The Wall Street Journal accessed by TechCrunch, through which the e-commerce giant would be using both the Candlestick Park facility in San Francisco and the facility in Los Angeles and New York, serving as a base of operations for Amazon trucks and drivers hired.

The fact that Amazon has its own distribution network would allow it, in addition to having greater control over its sales processes, the possibility of distributing the goods on the same day, and even making deliveries on holidays and weekends, when the associated carriers could not be available or their costs are higher.

Still, it is about testing for now, although it is not the only company testing its distribution network, as companies like Google or Wal-Mart are also doing the same. Amazon currently has its own last mile delivery in the UK, typically using local postal companies and its own product packaging system. Its implementation in the United States would not be entirely clear in relation to so-called last mile deliveries.

Despite the fact that Amazon has its own distribution network, and thus avoid that some of the companies that it relies on for the shipment of products do not meet delivery deadlines, as happened recently before Christmas last year, causing the acceleration of the program, there is no indication that anything will change in the future, more than anything because the first efforts in this regard are not having the desired results, even causing complaints in Internet forums, so that in the coming years It will continue to be supported by the existing transport companies, although who knows what the future may hold.

Image: TechCrunch

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