Amazon opens a hairdresser in London, with augmented reality

A hairdresser where it will be possible to see the final look before someone starts working, that’s what Londoners will have thanks to a new Amazon project.

In the same way that Amazon reinvents shopping in supermarkets by offering places that do not have cash, now it wants to apply the technology in hairdressers. We will have it in East London, the first hall, 140 square meters, where customers can try virtual hair colors using an augmented reality color bar and buy selected beauty products using screens and QR codes.

AR technology is based on a tablet embedded in a mirror, and allows customers to see themselves in different shades using the device’s front camera. It’s somewhat similar to what the Live Mode makeup feature that Amazon introduced on its mobile app does in 2019, but at the time it was largely limited to lips.

The shopping experience uses the new technology of point-and-learnAmazon Point & Learn, allowing customers to point to products on a shelf to view relevant information, including brand videos. The user can then purchase the items by scanning a QR code to visit the product page on Amazon’s UK site.

The venue offers traditional styling from the professionals at Neville Hair and Beauty, a London-based boutique that typically charges 50-250 for cuts and treatments for adults, making it more of a partnership between the luxury hairdresser and Amazon technology.

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