Amazon presents a system to “guarantee” the two meters of distance between people

We are supposed to respect the distance of 2 meters to avoid contagion, although that is something that is not usually seen on the streets. It is inevitable to meet someone, approach another at a traffic light, sit close in the subway … but we can respect the distance in offices, and Amazon wants to prove it.

As can be seen in the video below, it has a system that shows a 2-meter circle around a person, using Augmented Reality to verify if the standards are being met in its facilities.

It’s a new artificial intelligence tool that claims to help employees follow social distancing rules.

The company’s Distance Assistant combines a TV screen, depth sensors, and an artificial intelligence-enabled camera to track employee movements. When workers get closer than two meters, the circles around their feet flash red, warning employees to be more careful.

At the moment they have already been implemented in some of the company’s buildings, and they plan to put it in hundreds of new locations in the coming weeks.

Amazon says the technology will be open source, allowing other companies to quickly replicate and deploy these devices in a variety of locations.

On the other hand, fear of lack of privacy reappears in this case: the excuse of distancing can be used to monitor employees, which can generate more tension in the company.

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