Amazon starts using convertible packaging boxes into cardboard toys

It is interesting that the different technology companies assume and carry out their commitments with the environment, as is the case of Amazon, which has been part of the foundation The Climate Pledge since last year, to try to reach zero carbon emissions for the year 2040, starting today is starting to ship some orders through special packing boxes that are designed to later become toys.

It is an interesting initiative that seeks reduce waste to the environment thanks to recycling and reuse of boxes. These special boxes are designed so that they can later become cars, rockets, and even a castle for pets, too. following the corresponding instructions.

And it is that the imagination has no limits, to the point that some may have observed how cros or pets enjoy the boxes more than the objects they have contained in them.

The use of these special, environmentally friendly boxes is part of the company’s Less Packaging, More Smiles program, as shared with the USA TODAY publication.

For Amazon:

We know that customers love to get creative and repurpose their Amazon packaging in a number of ways; this inspired us to create these new packaging designs that give customers an easy way to learn how we are improving our packaging

We must also add to that the company has been working since 2008 to reduce packaging waste, which is why over the years it has been reducing the weight of the boxes, using less and less material to save 880,000 tons in total packaging material.

In addition, the company also has other initiatives committed to the environment, including suggestions for the repair and reuse of devices, both its own and those of third-party manufacturers.

All that remains is for pets and children to enjoy the special boxes turned into toys.

Image Credit: USA TODAY / Amazon

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