Amazon would be working to turn Alexa into a real-time translator

Amazon Echo / Image Credit: Amazon

Amazon has big aspirations to turn Alexa, its digital assistant, into a true translator, according to what Yahoo Finance has learned from sources close to the project. Amazon intends that Alexa go beyond the translations of simple words and phrases, for which it will take into account the social and cultural context of each place to offer responses adapted to almost every circumstance in which users may find themselves at all times.

Yahoo Finance sets an example for an American, who speaks only English, and travels to a wedding in Tokyo. In this regard, he points out the publication that Alexa can help that person to have a conversation in Japanese, having an understanding of Japanese culture, being generally more formal and conservative in relation to the American, incorporating their knowledge into translations.

But here is not the thing, since Alexa could also help in those situations where conversations occur with multiple people, each of them in a different language. Best of all, help will come from any device that has Alexa built in, keeping in mind that there are already tens of millions of devices with Alexa built in, a number that continues to grow.

The publication recalls other attempts, with more or less success, made by different companies. In this regard, he recalls the launch of Google's Pixel Buds last October, whose performance with the help of the Google Assistant has been poor, despite the fact that he could translate up to 40 languages ​​in real time. He also remembers the case of Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant, which, although it offers a better performance, since while it is able to translate texts in more than 100 languages ​​in real time through augmented reality, when it comes to carrying on conversations real, unable to perform translations.

All in all, it is commendable that Amazon wants to offer advanced translation capabilities to Alexa, something that would not only help users in any circumstance but also an added value for Alexa that could motivate other technology companies not to stay behind and join efforts to try to offer similar capabilities.

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