Amazon's Alexa begins to appear on devices of all kinds

When Amazon decided to release the Alexa technology so that any manufacturer could integrate said assistant into their devices, companies from all over the world got down to work, and quite interesting results are already beginning to appear.

A few months ago we also saw how the company Conexant announced a development kit for third-party manufacturers looking to integrate Alexa into their devices, a kit that is now expanded with four microphones for the AudioSmart development kit, for the Alexa Voice Service.

All of these initiatives are working, and we can see a good example with ecobee thermostats, for example. The ecobee4 model integrates Amazon's voice assistant to do more than just control the temperature. We can ask the device to set alarms, read the news, order vegetables online … the idea is not to offer a device of almost 300 dollars that controls the temperature intelligently, the goal is to have an alexa that, in addition, performs functions specific to perfection.

That is the secret ingredient of Amazon. The company has streamlined the process that enables any hardware to be smart and connected, and the competition is losing the race. Apple and Google wizards have their pros and cons, but Amazon's, although it may limp in some respects, be ubiquitous, and that's a tough thing to combat.

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