Ambient sounds that you can customize to create your own combinations

If you are one of those who concentrate better when they have background music or ambient sounds, you might be interested in knowing Noizer’s proposal.

It offers you free of charge a series of ambient sounds that you can combine according to your preferences or the scenario you want to create for your study or work sessions.

Ambient sounds to study, work or relax

There are many web resources that offer us music and ambient sounds, but if you are looking for a platform without restrictions and that you can use for free, you can take a look at Noizer.

This platform brings together the most popular environmental sounds: wind, fire, rain, birds, storm, office, coffee makers, forest, etc. You can use as many sounds as you like simultaneously to create your perfect setting for your study sessions, work or just to relax.

To do this, you just have to use the sliders and increase or decrease the intensity of the sounds. So you can create, for example, a rainy day in a coffee maker, a walk while listening to the birds, among many other scenarios.

Or you can use some of the sound combinations that the platform offers you for certain moments, for example, when you need to concentrate, increase your productivity or want to relax during your rest. And if you want to temporarily interrupt your session, you do not need to leave the Noizer page, since it has an option that allows you to silence all the sounds so that you can resume them at any time.

You will see that it also offers some extra options to customize the appearance of the page, for example, you can use light colors, a dark theme, gradient, etc. And if you want to share some combination of sounds that you have created, you can request that it generate a URL for you.

All options are free, and you do not need to go through a registration to use the platform.

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