An alternative that uses facial recognition to find any face on the internet

A few days ago we discovered a page whose purpose is to find all the photographs that are on the internet of a person.

This page, which is called PimEyes, offers the possibility of performing massive image searches on millions of websites in order to find all the photographs of a specific person. This is how this free tool works.

According to the creators of this website, the page achieves all these results thanks to the use of facial recognition technology, thus combined with a type of machine learning, which is actually what allows a complete face calibration of the person being tracked.

To be able to use PimEyes in the field, all you have to do is enter a photograph in the Face Search section, whether it is saved on the computer where the investigation is carried out, or indicating the URL of an image found in some social network, or even taking a snapshot, where the face of the subject in question is clearly and clearly displayed. After this, the photo will be entered so that the same website can do its comparison work, without taking into account factors such as color, composition or hairstyle.

If the procedure is carried out correctly, it is most likely that the first photos displayed will be the ones that are found. in the social networks of the person we are looking for, and then if to advance to those that are a little more hidden. At this point, it may happen that the results show images of other individuals worldwide who have a certain resemblance, which can be really interesting.

On the other hand, if you want to permanently delete these photos from the site from which they were extracted, it will be necessary to contact the application or website to request that they be deleted.

Meanwhile, the PimEyes website can be accessed for free to carry out our searches. However, you will have to be a Premium member to have access to the URL that indicates the site where the image was found. Its cost per month is about 17 euros and adds other benefits.

For now, let’s hope that the use of this platform does not bring with it a bad part of being used by third parties to track a person.

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