An app to find and save stickers on WhatsApp for free

The funny stickers of WhatsApp became with the passage of time in a slightly more lively and fun alternative compared to the classic emojis, even allowing anyone to create their own content.

Well, there are hundreds of apps that you can find on Google Play to be able to make your own stickers, but nevertheless there is an application that stands out from the rest where you can not only create stickers, but also allows you to search for other people’s content and save it.

It is an application called, which has been developed by Snow Inc, some content creators that work directly with camera apps like B612, Vita, Foodie or Snow, among some others. As for, we commented that it is a community where you can find more than 500 thousand sticker packages, memes and other material, which will undoubtedly serve to get a smile from your friends and acquaintances within WhatsApp.

As if this is not enough, another positive factor is that all users will be able to create their own packages so others can download them and reach as many people as possible. Now, the process to follow to create this content is quite simple, and we will explain it below.

– Download the app and open it once it is downloaded. – When you are inside you will be able to view an infinity of packages created by the community, which can be freely downloaded for free. You will even have several windows that serve to enter specific categories of stickers, such as Trends, States, Fall in love, Sweet, etc.

– If you want to get to the point where your own stickers are created, all you have to do is click on the button with the + symbol, located in the same main window. – Grant the permission you are asked to access your gallery and choose What type of sticker do you want to create, if normal that are static or animated with movement? First of all, if you click on Normal, you will access your gallery so that you can choose a photo with which you will make the sticker. Edit or cut it if necessary and save it.– In the event that you want to make an animated work, click on that option to display three new tabs: Library to search for a GIF you have there, a Tenor GIF and a separate option Text, where animated texts will be.

– Save any work or option you choose and voila, after having more than 3 stickers click on Add to WhatsApp so that the creations are safe.

Next we show you the link of the application for you to download in the Play Store totally free. Google play link

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